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Collaborative Integration

FGR is your one-stop shop for Advanced Automation Solutions.


System Solutions

FGR Automation is a leader in the development of Advanced Automation Control Systems with over thirty years of proven experience and successful installations throughout the world.  Our systems offer you distinct advantages that contribute directly to Productivity, Profitability and Product Quality.

Our engineering team has over 100 years of combined automation experience across a wide variety of industries. We are prepared to produce phenomenal results with services ranging from software design and development for existing hardware through the implementation of complete turnkey systems customized to meet individual needs.   

An FGR System Offers:

  • Comprehensive Diagnostic
  • Minimal Training Requirements
  • High Reliability
  • Simplified Plant Operation and Monitoring
  • Modification and Expansion Capabilities are implemented with
    less effort and reduced costs.
  • Extended System Life through Software Flexibility
  • Our Control Programs are easily interpreted and thoroughly
    documented.  Plant Status is indicated prior to startup, eliminating
    costly delays and downtime.

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