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iIOT Desert Test Site

iIOT Desert Test Site

Pick and Place Robot on a Product Line

Pick and Place Robot on a Product Line

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About FGR

FGR Automation believes in working with our clients to fully understand their needs and unique problems. It is through this collaboration that we have become a leader in the development of Advanced Automation Control Systems. For over 30 years our custom data driven systems have been implemented on a broad spectrum of projects in the USA and across the globe.  FGR PLC/PC integrated systems offer distinct advantages that contribute directly to Productivity, Profitability, Quality and Safety. We can help you develop a specification and scope of work for your automation project.

Our Products - Industry 4.0 (iIOT)

FGR in partnership with Software AG - Cumulocity, has developed a packaged, cloud based or persistent server system which, enables users to remotely monitor and control any sensor, process control or automation system, from a mobile device or PC anywhere in the world. Data analytics such as trend charts, histograms, accumulators and locators are user configurable from our widget base.

Additionally, integration from this platform to ‘Big Data’ systems like Azure are seamless. Either method allows for the analysis of production, using real-time data or data with a user defined acceptable latency.

The system is scale-able from 1 sensor of any type, to thousands of mixed data points. A secure, end to end encrypted VPN tunnel, allows for starting, stopping and changes to the control system from anywhere. Restrictions can be programmed and pass-code protection implemented for this feature.

Solar powered units are available for remote locations where there is no utility power service. Resetting of a remote processor can be implemented from any authorized mobile device .

Our - Automation System Solutions

Our engineering team has over 100 years of combined automation experience across a wide variety of industries. We have the expertise to produce outstanding results with services ranging from software design and development for existing hardware, through the implementation of complete turnkey systems, customized to meet individual client needs.   

Specialty Applications

  • iIOT - Monitor and Control Virtually Any System, Machine, Sensor or Instrument from Anywhere

  • Sytems for Manufacturing and Mineral Processing

  • Bulk Material Handling - Conveyors, Trippers, Gates, Feeders, Loaders and Unloaders

  • Automated Truck Loading - Systems vary in complexity from simple drive through loading to
    integrated truck identification systems with automated billing

  • Unit Train Loading (Batch Weighing) - RFID Tag Reader for Individual Car Tare and Net Weights, Electronic Billing

  • Machine Vision Solutions for Industrial Applications

  • Packaging Solutions

  • Vision Systems - Machine Pick and Place Robot Integration, Quality management and Conveyor Belt Fault Detection

  • Railway Marshaling Yards - Automated Switches for Hump and Loco Assist

  • Furnace Controls

  • Coal Preparation Plants

  • Glass - Primary Float Glass, Fabrication lines

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