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Porsche Design Tower. (Click Image for project video)

Porsche Design Tower. (Click Image for project video)

NASA VAB Elevator Control Replacement

NASA VAB Elevator Control Replacement

Custom Applications

Porsche Design Tower: FGR Automation engineers led the design team responsible for the system design, motion control, software development and startup of the three luxury 56 story automated parking systems. Porsche Design Tower is located in Sunny Isles District of Miami Florida.  The system was developed using the Allen Bradley Control Logix platform. As of construction completion the systems were and probably still are unique, in the world, because the residents have the ability to stay with their vehicles as they are transported. This requires an extensive safety system based upon Allen Bradley "Point Guard I/O". The dual electrically geared permanent magnet motors which control the vertical position of each elevator have a repeatable accuracy of +/- 3mm  at 800FPM with a full 8000lb load.

Custom Elevator Controls: FGR engineers have extensive experience designing and commissioning control systems for traction, rack & pinion and hydraulic elevators. Recent projects include:

  • Replacement of and modernization of the NASA Mobile Launch Platform 1 elevator control systems.

  • Replacement of and modernization of the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building elevators 13-16. These have movable floors on the rear landings for launch platform access and fixed on the front. Our patented system allows for accurate floor location and the ability to quickly teach the elevator to new rear floor positions.

Automated Truck Loading Systems:  FGR has implemented a great many fully automated load outs both batch weighing and flood loading for the coal industry in the US and overseas. Systems vary in complexity from simple drive through loading to integrated truck identification systems with automated billing.

Unit Train Loading (Batch Weighing): FGR has an alliance with PEBCO, Inc. and has supplied the computer controls for unit train loading systems throughout the US, India, Australia, China, Canada and South Africa.

Machine Vision Solutions for Industrial Applications: Identification, Alignment, Monitoring, Guidance, Control, Location, Verification, Gauging and Inspection.

Instrumentation Engineering & Process Control Design:  FGR has established our reputation on problem solving and process control systems that have been an integral part of our business in a variety of industries.

Process Control Solutions: Control, Monitoring, Data Acquisition, Production Cycles, Preventative Maintenance & Engineering, Integrating Quality Control and Process Management.  Custom automation solutions based on open hardware and software architectures.  Real time data driven PLC/PC systems.

Remote Telemetry Solutions:   Control, Monitoring and Data Acquisition systems that are capable of communicating over landlines, cellular and satellite. Telemetry solutions can be integrated into any new or existing control system with or without access to local utilities. Data and control is made available to end users on PC’s and mobile devices.