FGR Automation


Automation & Control System Specialists

Data Driven Automation

Software packages developed by FGR, through years of  experience, enable an engineer with little computer familiarity to completely configure both the digital and analog control requirements of the plant.  

They can set up inter-item dependency, start and stop logic and the control parameters
through a simple question and answer procedure.  

This process information is automatically stored and may be accessed upon request from any of the hierarchical levels.  

A detailed format can also be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

Systems and Services

  • IIOT Industry 4.0 Remote Telemetry Solutions

  • Custom Elevator Systems and Controllers

  • Systems Development & Integration of PLC/PC Systems

  • HMI & SCADA Systems

  • Servo Motion Control Applications

  • Vertical Lift Applications

  • Electrical Engineering & Design Services: Specifications, bid packages, etc.

  • Process Control & Instrumentation

  • Custom Control Panel Building

  • Networking Solutions

  • Predictive Manufacturing Modeling

  • Highly Scalable Automation Solutions

  • Distributed Control Systems (PLC Based)


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