FGR Automation


Passion. Experience. Diligence.


An FGR System puts you in control through total networking integration in varying configurations with supervisory computers, PLC's, motion controllers and high resolution customized graphics. These graphics provide an interactive window to the
process and displays all required monitoring, trending, diagnostics and alarm data.

The result is a system that gives you total control of the production cycle, 
maintenance engineering, quality control and process management.


FGR is an engineering firm that specializes in the design, the software development and the commissioning of PLC based distributed control systems.

Established in 1985 FGR's mission has been to provide our customers with our extensive experience, engineering and programming skills to develop systems that will offer significant improvements in their overall plant efficiency, control and profitability.  Our dedication to their specific needs through one-on-one interaction and communication enables FGR to get a clear picture of what is required.  

Our commitment to our customers success has driven us to develop our systems to readily interface with the clients requirements.  This thereby enables an increase in plant profitability through high quality end product and increased manufacturing efficiency by providing the client with significant improvements in overall control.

In addition, FGR has frequently served as a consultant to major corporations.  We have installations involving the control, monitoring and data acquisition required for applications in excess of 3,000 digital I/O points and 100 PID analog loops.

FGR has developed and installed integrated control systems around the world for the total automation of manufacturing processes in:

  • Rapid Truck & Train Loading (Batch Weighing & Flood)

  • Coal Preparation

  • Glass Fabrication

  • Bulk Weighing

  • Landfill Gas Recovery

  • Cement Plants

  • Conveying System

  • Elevator Control Systems

  • Advanced Motion Control Applications

  • Remote Telemetry Applications

  • Bulk Material Handling

  • Steel

  • Refineries

  • Power Generation

  • Coke Oven Control

  • Waste Water

  • Consumer Product Packaging

  • Pharmaceutical Product Packaging

  • Vision Systems Including Line Scan Applications

  • Recycling & Waste Reduction